The full life is filled with vulnerability, not defense. You face whatever feeling there is.

Virginia Satir

What therapy can offer

I bring self-awareness, authenticity, creativity and curiosity to the therapeutic relationship. I meet you where you are and use my counselling skills, experience and intuition so you can hone in on what is going on and find some answers within. When you experience empathic attunement, or unconditional presence, you will feel heard and accepted, without judgement, like someone else "gets you", or that you get yourself!  I can make space for and "hold" your feelings, even when you feel overwhelmed or are not ready to get into something. My work is trauma-informed and relational. This means that I always prioritize safety and going at your pace and I believe that, just as the people closest to us are often the source of the most pain, healing happens in connection with other people. Together we can explore your strengths and resources, how you have learned to survive and protect yourself, how you manage triggering situations, and what ideas about yourself and the world may no longer serve you. We can work collaboratively to deepen your experience and to access your innate capacity for self-acceptance and growth. I am passionate about this work and feel privileged to witness and participate in the life-affirming awareness that therapy supports. Even small shifts in consciousness or actions can be a basis for hope. 

    an integrative approach:

internal family systems (ifs)

 Emotion-focused therapy (EFT)
The Body & neurobiology
the breath & mindfulness
attachment theory
narrative therapy
Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)
cognitive-behavioural therapy (cbT)
Humanistic & existential
family therapy
solution-focussed & brief